For security and independence, we offer the state-of-the-art Versus nurse call and real-time location system. Not only are we able to ensure the resident’s safety by monitoring their location at all times, but they are able to call for assistance anywhere in the home while wearing their wireless pendant. This provides our residents with the independence and dignity they deserve. This system also provides a more peaceful home-like atmosphere as calls are sent to individual staff via pagers and not over a loud speaker.

In addition to the Versus system, the building is equipped with a controlled entry system on the doors leading to each home area, the front entrance, staff-only areas, and building exits. Each resident is provided with a swipe card that is programmed to allow access to all of appropriate areas as defined in the individual’s care plan, and can be reprogrammed as needed.

Our home is secured each evening ensuring that only staff members and visitors who call the RN on night duty are granted access into the building.

We take fire safety and emergency preparedness very seriously. We have a thorough fire safety plan, and a sprinkler system installed throughout the home. This, along with thorough staff training and emergency drills ensure that our residents are kept safe in the event of any emergency.

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