Emergency Preparedness

Sprucedale is committed to the safety and security of our residents’ families and our staff. To ensure our staff our prepared in an emergency, we have developed a comprehensive emergency plan in collaboration with our emergency service partners, systems partners, resident and family councils and others. Our emergency plans address includes, but are not limited to, the areas that have been set out by the Ministry of Long-Term Care:

  • Outbreaks of communicable diseases, outbreaks of a disease of public health significance, epidemics, and pandemics,
  • CODE RED SIGN - Fires (also required as part of the Ontario Fire Code),
  • CODE BLUE SIGN -Medical emergencies,
  • CODE ORANGE SIGN -External disasters, Chemical Spills, Boil water advisories, experiences loss of utilities, such as power, telecommunications, sanitary sewage discharge, or closure of fresh air intakes. Floods, Gas Leaks, Loss of one or more essential services.
  • CODE PURPLE SIGN - Tornado
  • CODE GREEN SIGN - Evacuation
  • CODE BLACK SIGN - Bomb threats
  • CODE YELLOW SIGN- Situations involving a missing resident,
  • CODE WHITE SIGN - Violent outbursts or aggression and Intruder
  • CODE BROWN SIGN- Hazardous/Chemical Spills

We have a communication strategy for announcing Emergency Codes and we practice our response to these codes on a regular basis so that we can analyze our response and adjust our plans. Below is the list of our Emergency Codes:

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