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Sprucedale Care Centre is very proud of our qualified and dedicated staff. They are the ones that put “Care” into Sprucedale Care Centre. Should you have a question for anyone of our Management staff, please feel free to contact them.

Director of Operations
Darren Micallef - darren@sprucedale.ca

Bev Ripley - bev@sprucedale.ca

Director of Care
Jennifer Turnbull - jennifer@sprucedale.ca

Director of Clerical Services
Fernanda Giffen - fernanda@sprucedale.ca

Director of Program Services
Lisa Cookson - lisa@sprucedale.ca

Director of Nutritional Services
Janet Lange - janet@sprucedale.ca

RAI Coordinator
Corrie Van Heeswyk - corrie@sprucedale.ca