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Sprucedale Care Centre is a 96 bed Ministry of Health licensed long-term care home, consisting of an extended health care floor and a Secure Care Unit for the care of dementia and Alzheimer residents. Our home has earned a 3 year Accreditation Award from the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation.

The entire facility is designed to function as an internal community and traditional neighbourhood. From the moment you enter our home, you will notice and feel the warmth and home-like atmosphere.

We have 3 types of accommodations: Our Standard room consists of only 2 beds and a washroom per room. This spacious room provides our residents with the privacy that they deserve. Our Couple’s room or “Semi-private” is a unique room with a half wall dividing the room. This provides the option of having personal space and a bed on either side of the half wall to accommodate two residents. It also provides an option for couples to have their beds on one side of the room and a sitting/t.v. lounge on the other side. Our Private rooms are beautifully decorated with a hardwood floor laminate to provide our residents with the comforts of home.

Room rates are governed by provincial legislation and are, therefore, consistent throughout Ontario. For information on rates, and to apply for admission to Sprucedale, please contact:

Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)
356 Oxford St. W.
London, ON N6H 1T3
(519) 473-2222